March 07, 2019

Public BETA V2. More On The Rocketeers

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After the release of the first BETA featuring the rocketeers, we’ve been putting our efforts on bug fixes, polishing and various other additions based on community feedback. Check out our latest blog post for a detailed list on what we’ve been up to.


BETA V2. Fixes & Additions

Here’s a list of all the additions you’ll find in this BETA. We’d also like to extend our thanks to everyone for checking out the previous release. We’re actively listening to feedback on our Discord.


List of Fixes & Additions
- Slightly reduced the audio for rockets when they’re flying or being ignited.
- Players can now control sound related to artillery pieces through the ‘Audio’ slider from the game’s options.
- Smoothened the rocket’s trajectory. They still retain their inaccuracy but look nicer while they’re raining hell down on friends and foes alike.
- Made it easier to interact with the rocket stack.
- Solved an issue where the white circle reload indicator got stuck on screen if the rocket artillery got destroyed while you’re loading it.
- Solved an issue which caused the rocket launcher to clip inside the terrain when dropped on a slope.
- Rocket launchers can now only be packed or unpacked by the Rocketeer or Cannoneer classes.
- Improved the looks of the rocket trails.
- Increased the rocket’s fuse timer to reduce the rocket’s rate of fire.
- Solved an issue were the rocket launcher would snap when aimed downwards.
- Solved an issue which prevented you from igniting rockets if you have a rocket equipped.
- Fixed an error in the localisation which caused the unpacking interaction to state that you should press instead of hold ‘E’ to perform the action.
- Fixed various exceptions being outputted on the client.
- Removed multiple debug logs as we’re now preparing for the update’s release.
- Solved an issue that caused the Cannoneers to have priority over Rocketeers when it comes to the use of rocket launchers.
- Solved an issue which caused other players to appear to be sliding away when ramming, loading or aiming a cannon.
- Improved the rocket and ladder collisions to prevent instances where they could clip inside buildings, underneath the terrain or other objects on the world map. If you face similar issues, kindly report them on our Discord.
- Solved an issue which caused the carriable ladders to retain a white shaded colour after they have been raised.
- You will now find more positions to raise carriable ladders on Fort Pierre.
- Solved an exception that was being outputted on Fort Schwarz.
- Solved an issue with the rocket launcher spawning slightly under the terrain on Tahir Desert.
- Solved several instances where players got stuck in an animation after using the rocket launcher or ladder.
- Adjusted the velocity of round shout fired from field guns.
- Tweaked the bouncing mechanics of the round shot.


Known Issues
- Players aren't receiving damage when an explosion from a rocket that has hit the terrain occurs.
- There's a specific instance that causes players to be unable to raise a ladder after it has been placed.




Participate In The BETA!

Would you like to have a go at what’s to come? Join us in the BETA! Hop in on our Community Discord to do so. You'll find all the details on the #announcements channel. It’s a great chance for you to provide us with feedback before the update sees a full release and help us make sure that everything is working as intended while you’re at it.


Everything present in this BETA is still a work in progress and bugs are to be expected.





Once again, thank you for your support and until next time, may good health be yours.


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Once again thank you for all of your support from all of us on the Holdfast: NaW team,

- Refleax, Rycon, Dreas, Wrexial, PingPong, Walki, Cameron & Rejenorst

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