April 21, 2018

Dev Insight. Game Engine Upgrade & Spawn Menu

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Welcome to another Developer Insight blog post. Today, we’ll be going into detail on a major undertaking the team has been undergoing. There’s been mention of melee combat improvements in our previous blog posts and as we’ve been investigating what can be done towards this effort, we determined that an upgrade to Holdfast: NaW’s game engine is required.

There’s other work ongoing in various other fronts including new game levels, bug fixes, re-working spawn mechanics in preparation for the upcoming Prussian faction, integrating the new spawn menu user interface and solving team balancing issues.



Andreas ‘Dreas’ Grech - Lead Programmer

Holdfast: NaW’s code base is massive. With over 150,000 lines of code growing as the game continues to be developed, Dreas will be upgrading from Unity 5.6 to Unity 2017. This means that he’ll be integrating over a year’s worth of game engine updates into the game’s existing code base.

Albeit this being one of the most time-consuming development tasks that he has been working on, it’ll definitely be one to look out for. Our main purposes for upgrading the engine is to first and foremost experiment with using new technologies to improve melee combat, however, the upgrade will provide us with additional benefits besides this. 

With 150 players all in a single battlefield and most of which are in close proximity forming glorious lines like proper gentleman should, we’re always looking into ways on how we can improve performance especially on low-end machines. This is yet another reason why Dreas is upgrading the game’s engine. It’ll provide us with even greater possibilities to increase frame rate when those big battles are occurring.

Game stability and graphical fidelity are also two other reasons why Dreas is working on this task. Rycon will be having a go at making Holdfast: NaW look nicer in future updates. 



Holdfast NaW - At The Enemy



Dylan ‘Monroy’ Vassallo - Programmer

Since the release of the Conquest game mode update, Dylan has been re-designing the spawn mechanics in preparation for the upcoming Prussian faction. The way a faction is assigned a spawn location in the game is ‘hard-coded’ at the moment but this will be changing. He’ll be providing server administrators with the functionality to select the desired factions to start with for each and every round in a server’s map rotation. 

As soon as Monroy completes this task, server administrators will also be able to switch the starting position of both factions in all game modes. It’ll certainly come in handy for competitive events!

This re-design is a necessary stepping stone towards the integration of the new spawn menu user interface. We are also aware of the team balancing issues that sometimes occur during matches. Monroy will be working on solving this issue in conjunction with the integration of the new spawn menu.



Holdfast NaW - User Interface Equip Firearm [WIP]



Julian ‘Rycon’ Farrugia - Lead 3D Artist

Rycon has been working on yet another map for Holdfast: Nations At War. This one should be making it in the game along with the upcoming update since there’s not much left to be done besides optimizations. 


Here’s a look at the map. Most of the combat will be focused on the fortified village in the centre. There are also plenty of opportunities for flanking manoeuvres to occur.



Holdfast NaW - Map [WIP]



Walentin ‘Walki’ Lamonos - Level Designer

Walki loves his fortifications. After he designed and developed Fort Winston which was released along with the Army Conquest game mode update, he’s currently in the process of modelling another fortification for his upcoming map. This one, however, is going to be far more complex and majestic.


Look forward to our future blog posts as Walki will surely be showing this one off.


Do you have any ideas or concepts for maps you’d like to see introduced in the game? You’re more than welcome to share them with us! Head over to our forums through the link below to do so.


Map Concepts - Share with us your Ideas!


We’ll keep you updated on our progress. Thanks again for your support and as always, may good health be yours.


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Once again thank you for all of your support from all of us on the Holdfast: NaW team,

- Refleax, Rycon, Dreas, Monroy, Walki, Cameron & Rejenorst

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